Make a Suitcase Travel Feeding Set for Your Pet

Pets love traveling, and many people just wouldn’t think about traveling without their best friend, but one thing that can be a big hassle when traveling with pets is feeding time. Having to get out the food, bowl, water, another bowl – then cleaning up the mess – can be a real bummer. But, Fido has to eat, right? There’s an easier way to tend to your pet’s needs while traveling if you make a feeding set that’s perfect for short walks or extended vacations.

A small suitcase, travel bag, or overnight bag is just the ticket for making the travel set for pets. It’ll hold the bowls, food and water, but more than that, it will give you the convenience you need while on the road with your pet.

A round, hard-back suitcase is ideal for the travel set, but you can also work with rectangular or square cases. The round ones are best since most dog dishes are of the same shape. If you have a square or rectangular case, you’ll need to purchase dishes of the same shape. If you don’t find them look in the housewares section of your local department store, where they sell plastic bowls of all shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, it’s best to use this type of plastic dish since they’re not as heavy as ceramic or glass pet bowls.

It’s important that the suitcase you use is the type that has the zipper exactly in the center, around the case. If it’s the type that you unzip, then fold back the flap, it will be unsuitable for the travel set.

Unzip the suitcase and place the two equal sides on a table. Use the best adhesive for the type of suitcase you have. You can Super Glue on some surfaces, contact cement on others. Hot glue usually isn’t suitable for most suitcases, unless it’s got a cardboard surface.

Attach the bowls to the insides of the case. Glue a water bowl on one side, a food bowl on the other. Allow the adhesive to dry well before using. Fill the food bowl with food and cover with foil or plastic wrap, which is reusable. Or, purchase a bowl that has a lid so you can reseal the food. Carry bottled water with you to pour into the water bowl.

When it’s time to feed the dog, simply unzip the suitcase and lay it on the ground or floor. Fill the water bowl with bottled water and uncover the food. After he is finished, cover the bowl, then turn the suitcase upside down to empty the water. Dry with paper towel.

If the suitcase has outside pockets use them to carry treats, napkins for wiping out the water bowl, and other accessories. It’s quick and easy to make the travel set and it’ll make your job easier when it comes time to feed your friend.