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Tips for an Inexpensive 21st Birthday Party

The 21st birthday is a very special day and time in a person’s life. Everyone celebrating this birthday wants to make sure that it is a day they never forget.  It’s a day to celebrate, as now you’re officially ‘legal’ and enjoy all of the perks of being an adult. This includes the ability to legally drink and buy alcoholic beverages! But, for many people, a 21st birthday party is also expensive, especially for a college student with a basic income. Use the tips below to keep costs of that special 21st low without sacrificing the fun.

Head to the Bar

Most bars and nightclubs offer a free drink to those celebrating their 21st and as such, it’s a popular place to spend this birthday. But, do not stay in one place when the drinks are strong and include that four-letter- F-word that we all love. Yes, free is the best word in Webster’s! The music is loud, the dance floor is jiving, and the excitement is right. Why not enjoy your first bar-hopping adventure on a night where those drinks are free in return?

Party at Home

Since you can buy growlers to go, why not take the party to your house? You can even rent out a hotel room or a nightly home to throw the party and save tremendous money in comparison to the costs of a shindig at the local nightclub or bar. Invite a few of your closest friends, plan a fun agenda, and your 21st birthday celebration is one that you will never forget.

DIY Decorations

Although DIY decorations aren’t so fun for people without that artistic touch, most people find it relaxing and a break from the norm to sit down and make decorations. Buy balloons, decorate them yourself and leave the rest of the decorations to your personal style and creative visions. It’s considerably cheaper to DIY than it is to buy decorations from the local party supply store and fun, too.

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Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Waiting until the last minute to start planning a party is a sure way to spend considerably more money than intended and experience a less than stellar event. Proper planning is the key to any successful event. Make sure you plan at least one month prior to the 21st birthday bash, if it is possible. Procrastination isn’t a virtue, especially when it is time to plan a great party that doesn’t cost a small fortune. Avoid waiting until the last minute to party plan!

Celebrating the 21st birthday is an experience that you want to remember forever. But, you do not want to remember this birthday because it sent you spiraling into debt. Make sure to plan a great party without the expense and use the money-saving tips above in the process. It is more than possible to experience a fun and enjoyable 21st birthday without spending a ton of money in the process if you’re not afraid to put forth the effort to keep those costs low.