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Red vs. White Wine – What’s the Difference?

You may enjoy all kinds of wine, but many people do not know the difference between two very different kinds of wine – red wine and white wine. You can taste test them somewhere like a wine tour italy-based winery. However, before you try them you should at least become familiar with what makes them so different.

The Type of Grape

Red wine is typically made from red grapes, while white wines are made with white grapes. However, most store-bought wines are made with a particular grape known as Vitis vinifera. This means that although they are made with different colored grapes, the family of the grapes is fundamentally the same.

Grapes are Used Differently

When grapes are picked for winemaking, there are processes that lead to the white or red coloration. One of the largest differences is that red wine is made by fermenting the skin and seeds of grapes while white wines are not. There is wine made with the skin and seeds of grapes that is not white wine – it is called orange wine, and it tastes similar to most red wines.

Methods of Winemaking

Winemakers use different techniques to differentiate the flavors and looks of white and red wines. Red wines have been praised for the soft, velvety flavor of it while white wines are known for their zest and floral aromas. Oxidation is the biggest difference in the winemaking process, and different barrels may be used to allow or disallow oxidation to occur and change the flavor of the wine.

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Now you know a bit more about the different types of wine. You can enjoy a wine tour knowing that each flavor has been carefully curated to give the desired taste, smell, and texture. Enjoy your drinks and make more informed decisions about your wine choices in the future.