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Don’t Let Your Food Go To Waste

composting food waste

Did you know that in spite of all the world’s problems, they say that there is still more than enough food to go around? If you were poor and your cupboard was bare, this short note on composting food waste might make you hungry. Depending on just how bad things are, it might even make you weep.

In this day and age, what with global warming and climate change, nothing should be left to chance and nothing should go to waste. It remains disturbing to see that there is still far too much reliance on chemical and toxic solutions which are easily attainable from hardware stores and nurseries. Customers who wish to make a difference to their immediate climate and start contributing towards carbon reductions, should be looking out for the stamp that suggests green and/or environmentally friendly.

In this case, those home gardeners who do not yet have the time, patience or ability to produce their own compost can purchase ready-made parcels. And yet, even these are not as sustainable as homemade composting has the potential to be. The carbon reduction exercise begins in the kitchen. In this sustainable kitchen, no water is wastefully running in the kitchen sink and only environmentally friendly detergents are used for all cleaning work.

Furthermore, and that much has already been said, nothing goes to waste in this domestic kitchen environment. The production of carbon friendly waste material that will be going into the portable compost heap is already enhanced through the use of organic foods. These foods will be free of chemically induced pesticides and will even remain untampered by genetic modification. All fresh food and peels that cannot be re-used in the kitchen will be immediately tossed into the carbon friendly compost heap.